Aperitivo Hour in The Dolphin Wine Room

2018 Guestlist Line-Up #2


Aperitivo Hour has been at the very heart of the Wine Room since the inception of the hotel just over a year ago. The concept has been based on Maurice’s experience and groundbreaking work at The Melbourne Wine Room in The George Hotel in Melbourne, which is to build a place of quality service, impeccable product and in as many words circle back to what ‘real hospitality’ is.

In its simplest form, the concept is very well priced drinks and delicious plates of super-value snacks from Sunday to Thursday, 5-7pm priced at a super-reasonable $5-7.

Executive Chef Monty Koludrovic and Wine Director James Hird have set out to create a space where, chefs who are friends, visiting winemakers or importers who are family, can drop by and taste with staff and customers alike. It is a meeting place, a place where friends and the wider community can come to catch up and engage in what they love with the creators of what they love.

Aperitivo Hour has taken some time to reach the point where we feel like it embraces that plan in a modern and more natural Dolphin way. There is some of the irreverence there of the Melbourne Wine Room, enhanced by embracing the ‘happy hour’ concept whilst still highlighting the correlations with the distinct Italian way of life – ‘aperitivo’.

The concept aims to be a place of creativity, providing access to some of Australia’s and the world’s most renowned chefs, wine makers and restaurateurs. Aperitivo Hour is about having a drink with friends and trying dishes from chefs and winemakers that ordinarily would be less accessible in a casual setting.

The guest chefs will be invited to create their own snacks in our kitchen and join us for wines and dinner afterwards. Pinbone doing Cotoletta Calzone’s and Italian spring rolls, Alex Herbert delivering her favourite Bird Cow Fish toasted sandwiches. Danielle Alvarez and O Tama Carey bringing their incredible produce driven approach and the world class islander vibes of Paul Carmichael and Louis Tikaram. Local award winning chefs CJ Wells, Daniel Puskas and Mitch Orr, they’ll be there too. (See the full list of guest appearances below.)

A menu of handful of special snacks and an equal handful of 5-6 drinks including wines poured by makers. All items either $5 or $7 Highlights – Prosciutto and grissini, Fried Olives, Anchovy Toast, Tuscan Fried Chicken, Escabeche Mussels. $5 Prosecco, spritz, high value wine pours and beer plus a pre-batch.

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APRIL 9th Eggert + Whiteman, Good Luck Pinbone, SYD

APRIL 24th O Tama Carey, Everywhere, SYD

MAY 1st Ben Sears + Ned Brooks, Korexican Oracle, SYD

MAY 3rd Tom Shobbrook, Shobbrook Wines, SA

MAY 8th Chef Mike Bennie + Brian Wines, Newtown, TAS

MAY 15th Alex Herbert, Bird Cow Fish, SYD

MAY 29th CJ Wells, Automata, SYD

JUNE 5th ‘Irish’ Mulholland, Momofuku Seiōbo, SYD

JUNE 11th Louis Tikaram, EP & LP, LA

JUNE 18th Paul Carmichael, Momofuku Seiōbo, SYD

JUNE 25th David Moyle, Franklin, TAS

JULY 2nd Veronica Trevizo, Momofuku Seiōbo, SYD

JULY 5th Pasi Petänen + Giorgio de Maria, All the good places, SYD & Beyond

JULY 10th Mitch Orr, ACME, + Peter Dredge, Dr. Edge, SYD, TAS

JULY 16th Joel Amos, DRNKS + Jovan Curic, Superior Burger, Online, SYD

JULY 23rd Daniel Pepperell + Anton Forte, Restaurant Hubert, SYD

JULY 30th Joeri Timmermans, Automata + Lillia, ACME, SYD

AUGUST 14th Trish + Morgan McGlone, Filo Noodle House, SYD & Beyond

AUGUST 20th Jordan Toft, Merivale Jedi, SYD

SEPTEMBER 17th Italo Dining & Disco Club + 10 William St + Fratelli Paradiso, SYD

OCTOBER 1st Luke & Shaz, LP’s Chippendale + Patrick Sullivan Wine, Gippsland, VIC

OCTOBER 9th Angie + Dan Hong – Monday Night Hong Dinner, Newtown, SYD

OCTOBER 15th Duncan Welgemoed, Africola, SA

OCTOBER 29th Anton Von Klopper + Ashley Huntington, Lucy Margaux Vineyards, Basket Ranges, SA + Two Metre Tall, TAS

NOVEMBER 5th Matt Stone & Jo Barrett, Oakridge, VIC

NOVEMBER 19th Federico Zanellato, Lumi Dining, SYD

NOVEMBER 24th Occhipinti x La Stoppa – Arianna Occhipinti + Elena Pantaleoni,

NOVEMBER 27th Rootstock Sydney House Party, SYD

DECEMBER 3rd Danielle Alvarez, Fred’s, SYD

DECEMBER 13th Ben Shewry & Co, Attica, VIC