The Dolphin Hotel | OCHOTA BARRELS – AUG 25

Ochota Barrels, Taras Ochota

Basket Ranges, South Australia
Sunday 25th August.

We’ve got our good friend and ridiculously talented winemaker, Taras Ochota back in the building this upcoming Sunday 25th August, bringing with him a new batch of his ‘19 spring release of small-batch wines. If you’ve tasted his wines at our first Wet Dreams party, you’d know the bottles grow legs and run out the door looking for people to drink them.

The Ochota Barrels tale began on a surf trip, late 2000 along the Mexican west coast in a Volkswagen campervan. A final destination after traveling to some of the world’s most amazing wine and surf regions, Taras and Amber Ochota conceived the idea to make beautiful holistic wines back home in South Australia.

After a misspent youth playing a Rickenbacker bass in various punk bands, Taras became an Oenology graduate from Adelaide University, developing his craft in numerous vineyards and cellars around the world to then settle with Amber on 9.6 steep gorgeous acres tucked away, deep in the Basket Range of the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

We’ll have chef Tom Deadman and potentially another special guest dropping in to serve up some very special snack-plates as well as James and Marie wrangling a few drinks in mix. So, don’t sleep!

You know the drill, easy birds get the can of worms. Don’t get caught minesweeping other patron’s glasses for a taste of the good stuff. 5-7pm!


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Aperitivo Hour has been at the very heart of the Wine Room since the inception of the hotel just over a year ago. The concept has been based on Maurice’s experience and groundbreaking work at The Melbourne Wine Room in The George Hotel in Melbourne, which is to build a place of quality service, impeccable product and in as many words circle back to what ‘real hospitality’ is.

In its simplest form, the concept is very well priced drinks and delicious plates of super-value snacks from Sunday to Thursday, 5-7pm priced at a super-reasonable $5-7.