The Dolphin Hotel | CARLTON WINE ROOM – APRIL 7

Dolphin Wine Room + Carlton Wine Room = Wine Room²

April 7th – 5-7pm

Carlton Wine Room is very important to Melbourne, an institution of sorts that plays a big part in the culture of eating and drinking in Melbourne. Carlton Wine Room reopened this time last year with 2018’s TimeOut chef of the year chef John Paul Twomey (former Cutler & Co / Gilson) and Andrew Joy (Marion) at the helm.

Carlton Wine Room is huge, five levels huge – almost as huge as their wine list full of european beudies from France, Austria, Slovenia and Italy. With this in mind, and so much in common with The Dolphin wine Room, why not get JPT to bring his best snacks and sips to the Dolphin Wine Room for a 5 a piece extravaganza. We’ve done the math and it checks out, this will be the perfect pairing.

Get down here Sunday 7th April from 5-7pm and experience John Twomey’s best snack plates and sips.

First in, best seated.