Delfino Aperitivo #59 – Luke Burgess’ Felafel House + Wines by Jaas Herbst

Sunday March 31, 5-7pm.

Luke Burgess opened his cooking account in 1994, finishing his apprenticeship with 2 years at Tetsuya’s restaurant, he would later travel and taste the world’s offerings. In 2006, Luke moved to Tasmania with the aim to open his own restaurant. His first venture, Pecora Café was 45 minutes south of Hobart, with a menu inspired by produce from small gardeners, farmers and fishermen in the area. The café was the beginning of a journey in discovering the excitement and realities of working with small growers and artisan producers.

In 2009 Luke got a spot in the Noma kitchen in Copenhagen, which inspired a new relationship with food and wine which led him to open Garagistes in Hobart. Their aim was to create a casual, communal environment where dishes – inspired by high-quality raw ingredients and influenced by many different cultures – could be enjoyed with a glass or bottle of natural wine. In early 2012, following the success of Garagistes, Luke and the team opened a small wine bar, Sidecar, serving house-made charcuterie and natural wines.

All accolades aside, Noma is one thing – (yeah, suppose its alright), but did he ever picture himself rubbing shoulders with the big boss man Monty Koludrovic in the Wine Room??? Who could say. But facts is facts, and Burgo is the Wine Room and he’s turning into his own falafel house, and we absolutely cannot wait to have the master shooter in the pit. joined by long time Frenchie friend of the Wine Room, Jonathan Alphandery for a one night only wine list of fun things from his personal cellar.

Get in early, most bottles are one-offs, and they will go super fast!!!

Stay tuned in to the Facebook event page for more sneak peak wine and dish updates.

All welcome. First in, best seated.