The Dolphin Hotel | CAPITANO – AUG 18


August 18th, 5-7pm

The super talented bunch of legends at Bar Liberty have just launched their new retro-styled Italian modernistic eatery in Carlton where it combines pizza, pasta and parmigiana ala Chef-owner Casey Wall’s Italian-American food upbringing. Natural Italian wine and mixed Italian classic drinks are the chosen refreshments. Expect the best!

Capitano has a strict policy of no imported rice, flour or tomatoes, and the flour in the pizza dough, comes from South Australia’s Laucke Flour Mills. Keeping it local where neccesary is key for the group, especially when it comes to their specialty bone-in veal parmigiana sourced from Meatsmith around the corner, this badboy is crumbed and flash-fried before being finished in the pizza oven and then topped with pizza sauce, mozzarella, scamorza and basil leaves. Ooof! Here’s to hoping for a snack sized version in The Dolphin Wine Room.

Darren Learney will be joined by fellow Capitano / Bar Liberty brethren Blake Giblet this upcoming Sunday 18th August in the gravel pit with Monty, James and Marie-Sophie serving up the snacks and sips straight from the Capitano ship.

Join us early from 5-7pm to avoid table disappointment!

Aperitivo Hour has been at the very heart of the Wine Room since the inception of the hotel just over a year ago. The concept has been based on Maurice’s experience and groundbreaking work at The Melbourne Wine Room in The George Hotel in Melbourne, which is to build a place of quality service, impeccable product and in as many words circle back to what ‘real hospitality’ is.

In its simplest form, the concept is very well priced drinks and delicious plates of super-value snacks from Sunday to Thursday, 5-7pm priced at a super-reasonable $5-7.