The Dolphin Hotel | ROGER & SUE, LIVING WINES – MARCH 17

Delfino Aperitivo #57 – Roger & Sue – Living Wines (Tasmania)

Roger & Sue from Living Wines have been described by James Hird as “The Godparents of Australian natural wine. The dynamic duo of No SO2” and “Tasmania’s answer to Kermit Lynch.”

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane have been importing natural wines to Australia from France for such a long time now, they’ve become the torchbearers of information, shedding their light on the meaning of what is Natural wine and why you should care about it (and telling you where to get it.)

Extremely knowledgable, the pair run the site Food Tourist which offers up some information nuggets of gold you won’t find anywhere else, especially when they’re known to frequent some of the most beautiful French towns and provinces with some of the best produce known to man and woman. It should go without saying that their local knowledge of Tasmania’s rapidly growing food and wine scene are second to none.

Roger and Sue supply a number of restaurants throughout Australia with the beautiful wine we know and love, but its for one night only they’re bringing their finest Magnums of liquid gold to the Wine Room to hit you right in the face with some light and bright flavours direct the Jura province in France, near the Swiss border.

Prepare your mind and your tastebuds to absorb some knowledge, the legendary Roger and Sue are here.

Same Aperitivo time, same Delfino place!
5-7pm, snacks and sips from $5-7.