The Dolphin Hotel | MAC N CHEETS – AUG 26


Chef Andrew McConnell has created a Melbourne institution in Cumulus Inc. The quintessential Melbourne a la carte all day dining spot with the best late night drinking and dining options; Is it an excellent breakfast and brunch spot? Is it the perfect spot to prop up at the bar and enjoy an excellently chosen wine? Long, long boozy lunches? Impeccable dinner menu? It’s all of them, obviously.

Andrew McConnell is the man who makes your time at either Cumulus Inc, or Cumulus Up (their Wine Bar) a joy, time and time again. Open for business now for 10 years and housed in an old century rag trade building on the trendy side of Melbourne’s CBD, quite simply if you haven’t experienced an Andrew McConnell all-out lunch, dinner or afternoon session, then you haven’t been living.

He’s also responsible for some other restaurants you might know? Supernormal, Cutler & Co, Marion, Builders Arms Hotel? The list goes on.

We would also like to welcome back the Cheetham that flew the coup – The OG Wine Room chef Sam Cheetham. Sam has been deep in the pit at Cumulus Inc. for over a year now, putting his finesse and final touches on Andrew McConnell’s labour of love that is Cumulus Inc. But now it’s time for Sam’s sabbatical tour back to the homeland.

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