A Final Long Sunday Lunch

Join us to celebrate the finale in a series of long Sunday lunches and final menu launch celebrating the winners of the delicious. Australia Produce Awards.

For the past 6 months Monty Koludrovic and Daniel Medcalf have featured the produce from Australia’s best farms, gardens, oceans, lakes and inlets. This final lunch and menu is a selection of the very best.

Sunday 19th August from 12pm

$65 Set Menu

Beverage charged on consumption



Served sharing style for the table.


Spicy Rosé Veal Shin Bun

Mushroom & Wasabi Glazed Murray Cod ‘Sang Ciao Bao’

Herb Frittata with Smoked Salmon Roe


Boscaiola Deluxe
Mushrooms Galore, Garlic, Cream, Ham & Parsley


Herb Roasted Rose Veal, Parmesan, Egg, Capers & Wasabi

Olive Oil Potatoes


Marionberry Fool

Wines handpicked by Brian wines


NB- Menu subject to change

Video produced with the help of our good friends from table #40, the Venezualans.


Parkesbourne, NSW

Located in the cool climate of the Southern Tablelands, Parkesbourne Produce specialises in hard-to-find soft fruit such as alpine strawberries, golden raspberries, purple raspberries, tayberries, marionberries, gooseberries and currants. These traditional summer fruits are grown the old fashioned way, in the field using organic methods. Wasabi and truffles make up the mix of this small-scale enterprise that doesn’t do ordinary.

Papanui Open Range Eggs

Merriwa, NSW

Papanui Open Range Eggs is a family run property near Merriwa in the Upper Hunter Valley in NSW. They run beef cattle and produce open range eggs from our flock of 3000 chooks. These chooks live in mobile homes and have complete freedom to roam the paddocks. They are protected from predators by wonderful Maremma dogs. This freedom means happy healthy chooks, grazing fresh pasture daily, producing the highest quality eggs with the flavour to prove it!


Bowral, NSW

In 1987, Dr Noel Arrold, a microbiologist took over the disused railway tunnel and proceeded to develop new mushroom varieties for the Australian market. Exotic mushrooms thrive in the cool, damp and dimly lit environment of the tunnel which resembles the conditions that occur in the mountainous forests of China, Japan and Korea where these mushrooms occur naturally. For over twenty years Li-Sun Mushrooms has been at the forefront in the development of the exotic mushroom industry in Australia.


Mildura, NSW

Murray Gold was started by aquaculture pioneer Col Beasely, who wanted to maximise the potential of the precious water on his grape and almond farm. Col added natural nutrients to his dams and built an environment for cod to spawn and develop.

Murray Gold controls the entire farming process. From artificial burrows that encourage the fish to spawn. Right through early development to fingerling and onto award winning, fine dining, fresh fish.

Torello Veal Rose Veal

Cowra/Bega, NSW

Sitting between traditional Veal and Beef, TORELLO Rosé Veal was the catalyst for the creation of the first new Aus-Meat category in over 20 years. The milk and grain diet and the high animal welfare rearing practices result in a delicate flavour and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. This new ‘young beef’ eating experience, together with our sustainable and ethical approach to surplus male dairy calves invites consumers to reassess veal.



Tamar Valley, TAS

Brian is what three friends get up to in their spare time in northern Tasmania. Established in 2012, the fruit for Brian is drawn from a couple of nice vineyards on the west side of the Tamar River. The wines are brought to life by Joe Holyman (Stoney Rise/Holyman – Tasmania), Peter Dredge (Dr Edge/Meadowbank – Tasmania) and Mike Bennie (writes and talks about wine and drinks, co-founder Rootstock Sydney – delicious. Magazine wine/drinks writer, importantly), usually in various states of undress.

White wines are made like reds, red wines are made like whites, there’s a wine that sits in-between, all are produced with no additives. Breaking news, Brian has a collaboration ‘wine-beer’ with famed wild ferment brewer Two Metre Tall, where a barrel of Brian is mated with a barrel of Two Metre Tall beer.



This month, in conjunction with the delicious. Produce Awards, we’re launching our Producer Focus series in the Dolphin Dining Room. The monthly menu series is designed to place some of Australia’s best producers in the spotlight.

While, it is said the mark of a good chef is how they make an omelette, we believe a leaf salad is every bit as difficult. It’s just the difficulty in producing a perfect bowl of leaves starts (and almost ends) in the fields, not in the kitchen.

Consequently, some of Australia’s best producers have long been silent members of our kitchen brigade. That relationship is the only way to, literally, build a menu from the ground up. We love their work, but we’re done with the silence!

Our chef Monty Koludrovic, who has been a judge for the Produce Awards for the past few years, says “Working with these producers is a privilege for a chef. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the hardest to get right – once they do, it’s up to us to show restraint. It would be rude not to.”

For the inaugural menu Monty and his team have focussed on the innovators in the fields, oceans and mountains. Our diners will be among the first to taste Australia’s first un-cooked raw milk cheese, with Pecora Dairy’s fetta; to taste ghee made from Pepe Saya’s new organic butter; to indulge in varieties of radish and leaf we have never tasted before.

We will kick off each monthly menu with a lunch in The Dolphin Dining Room, playing host to our guest producers/farmers, whose produce will subsequently feature in a new dining room menu for the month ahead – to sit alongside our regular menu and pizzas. The five-course menu can be shared among the table, or ordered individually.