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10L Sustainably Grown Orange Wine just dropped at The Dolphin!

Possibly a world first all over again!! – Certainly the best thing ever and just in time for the holidays. Pouring $9 by the glass, $50 for a carafe or grab the whole 10L Box takeaway for $250 from the Wine Room.

2019 Owen’s Big Orange, Field Blend, Pyrenees Victoria – made exclusively for us and available now!



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Takeaway at the Dolphin Wine Room

Ordering drinks for that occasion just got a whole lot easier! Drink wines made by farmers, not factories.

Whether you’re buying a bottle or building a Cellar, the Dolphin Wine Room will select wines to suit your palate and budget. Drink wines made by farmers, not factories. Whether you are after a rare precisely made Barolo, a rustic Trebbiano or a Barossa red, the Dolphin Wine Room can build an order to suit you. Each order will be hand selected by James Hird (SMH Sommelier of the Year) with your tastes in mind. Whether it’s for a gift, party, for a serious wine geek or champagne for a party, the Dolphin Takeaway has got you.

Choose from various packages such as the G.O.A.T, 6 of the best for $480, or simply let us pick 6 bottles for $150 for a healthy mixture of natural wines to share with friends. For that special occasion, order a ‘Custom crate of crackers’, 12 wines from the cellar, or go large and build your own cellar where you name the budget and we’ll compile a selection. From 24 bottles to 24000, we will go over storage, service temperature of all wines, and provide the information you need.

Walk on in! Delivery available for large orders.

“Having been doing this for my families celebrations for years. It’s been fun putting together packs of wine that I think suit Sydney’s summer and holiday drinking. Wines with drinkability with food at the forefront. It’s also fun to tailor to individual tastes and holiday menus. Like speed dating for a sommelier” says James Hird (2015 SMH Sommellier of the Year). “Really proud of the producers, wines and value of wines on offer. Hope people enjoy these wines as much as my family have.”

Coming soon: Rare Spirits & pre batched cocktails, Loch, Dodd’s, Contratto Aperitif, Contratto Bitter, Rondo, Vestal Vodka.