Regarded for decades as a Surry Hills institution synonymous with good times, The Dolphin Hotel  features three distinct spaces, a Dining Room, Wine Room and a Public Bar with an open-air terrace.

A simple philosophy behind the project, authored by George Livissianis, [Apollo, Cho Cho San, Billy Kwong], is a pop-up approach of re-use and re-adaptive design principles. If the elements have integrity they are preserved, if they can be stripped back to raw they are stripped and if they aren’t suitable, they’re wrapped in a Christo inspired installation process. The spaces are punctuated with artistic highlights by friend and ‘artist in residence’, Beni and sculptor / installation artist, Tracey Deep.

Executive Chef Monty Koludrovic is focused on quality, provenance-driven modern Italo- Australian food. He leads a team that includes Daniel Medcalf [Icebergs Dining Room and Bar] as Head Chef.


James Hird [2015 Sommelier of the Year] has joined Terzini’s team as the wine director at The Dolphin Hotel, Icebergs Dining Room and Bar and Da Orazio. Hird is sourcing producer focused wine and beers for the three spaces at The Dolphin Hotel as well as leading the agenda in the Wine Room.

Lenny Opai [Icebergs Dining Room and Bar/ Bayswater Brasserie] delivers the spirit /cocktail direction, drinks that explore everything from built classics, unique pre-batched cocktails and quality local spirits.

Terzini references his time at the Melbourne Wine Room and specifically its extensive wine list. Terzini: “Along with a handful of other pubs, Melbourne Wine Room was really instrumental in changing the food and beverage culture at the time. We hope The Dolphin Hotel will be the same.”